September Insights- Intuition

Are you listening to your inner signs?

April Rays

9/17/20232 min read

seashore during golden hour
seashore during golden hour
Are you listening to your inner signs?

So often we ignore the subtle but prominent thoughts and emotions which are usually our best guidance. We begin to “trip” on our human side, which is very natural, but how many times have you said after the fact “ oh you know know I knew that was going to happen”! You get this feeling in your body, or mind where it is telling you to turn back or redirect what you are doing, but you decide to ignore it, then what you felt or thought was going to happen happens…

Whether it is a missed opportunity or a situation you may have avoided, learning to follow your intuition can be something you can work on. After all we all have thoughts, feelings and sensation in our bodies, but we have to learn how to read, see, and feel what our natural ability signs are telling us.

Here are some suggestions and ideas on how to do this:

  • Your thoughts are continuing to repeat about a situation, write it down, and see how things play out. Remember this process for next time, see the pattern of your own intuition and guidance, what you feel, see or even hear from your inner knowing.

  • You get a feeling in your body, could be “butterflies” in your solar plexus area, or the cold chills, this may be as you're entering a place or situation, is it a warning? Is it a good feeling? This could be important to ask yourself, use your natural feelings and see if you get a yes or no… Follow through and take note of the outcome.

  • You’re about to decide on which is best for you, sit quietly, bring situation 1 to your attention, what sensations are present? Write them down. Now bring situation 2 to your attention, write those down. Compare the notes, trusting your feelings and body will guide you. This will give you confidence and trust in your intuition.

These feelings, and sensations of our intuition can be developed and honed in on to help guide and steer us in life, it is our natural ability which often gets pushed aside when we have our busy lives to contend with. But imagine how much easier it would be if we paid attention and used this ability in life?

Be kind to yourself if you at first don’t follow your guidance after all, you’re just learning the ropes here, and we all have to remember we might be re-training the way we are seeing, feeling, and knowing.

Thank you for taking the time to read September Insights, I wish you lots of clarity!

Much Love,

April 💛