May Insights-Fairy Tales, Love and Forgiveness

Relationships Love and Forgiveness- life's lessons


5/3/20232 min read

Our focus this month is around relationships and the key to life, which is love and forgiveness.

I remember as a young person my idea of what I felt a fairytale relationship should be, forget the fact that I did see a load of those ideas on television and in magazine quizzes;

“ Are you having the time of your life with love”, “Are they the right person for you”, “ Are you being romanced”. ETC, ETC, ETC!

Multiple choice answers, YES!. Young and impressionable, I did get caught up with the TV shows, and their ideas on the drama of relationships, giving me that false truth, creating high unrealistic expectations, I'm not sure how many magazine quizzes I went through either, I mean isn't that what you did back then! oh dear!

This makes me giggle now, now that I truly understand that we are here to learn! But we can still enjoy our relationships, and at the same time we can hope for a respectful, joyous and passionate love, and we can work towards that ultimate relationship, It is up to ourselves.

Understanding that our relationships are truly a reflection of our own behaviour can be a hard pill to swallow. Never mind the challenges of seeing this reflection, and that is often because behaviour can come in a different package or disguise! Maybe this was something you engaged with with another person in the past, so ego says; “you know, I didn't do that to them”!

If we can see our reflection in others, it is much easier to forgive both the person and ourselves for engaging in this previously, as well off loading the negative energy we have felt for ourselves and others on this subject. Lets ask the questions;

  • Is this behaviour I am seeing something I am not aware of within myself?

  • Can I accept I may have at some point acted in this way?

  • Am I ready to be honest with myself?

No one is perfect, and we will make mistakes, and it's actually a “meant to be” thing, those mistakes, or how else can we learn. Now I didn't say this learning is easy, but learning this allows forgiveness, and in turn love deepens.

So maybe we can have a fairytale relationship… Maybe we can work toward our ultimate relationship (which is usually first with ourselves). You see when we love ourselves in a balanced way we can love anyone!

We all have many different relationships in our lives, not just romantic, some are easy, some are lessons, imagine that!

Much love,

April 💛