July Insights: Clairsentience And Empath

Is there a difference between Clairsentience and Empath?

April Rays

7/3/20233 min read

silhouette of people standing on brown sand during sunset
silhouette of people standing on brown sand during sunset

I have always felt everything, emotions, thoughts, feelings of others! They say this comes with empathy and Clairsentience (Clairsentience the word comes from the late 17th century French clair (“clear”) + sentience (“feeling”).

So what is the difference between Empath and Clairsentient? I have been doing some research, as I did once upon a time think it was one and the same thing.

According to many this is not so, being an Empath is to “feel” others emotions and thoughts and they can often believe those feelings, thoughts, and emotions are their own. Imagine how this could play out, I mean you feel others so strongly that you believe this is your own stuff!

Clairsentient people on the other hand have enhanced perception which can allow them to make sense of others emotional energies. A clairsentient can also pick up on emotions that others felt in the past, whereas an empath walks with the current emotion they may pick up on.

Clairsentience is similar in the sense we “feel” but are able to differentiate between others and yourself. The feeling can be via emotions, thoughts and physical senses, but you still know you are you and those feelings of others individually.

There are also the times where you feel others when you think of them, and the uncontrollable emotions come through, E.G. crying feelings of loneliness just to name a few, but you know it's not your stuff, but you still cannot control the play out of sadness or crying as it feels so strong. I feel this is a little of both empathy and clairsentience to be honest.

So it is said many begin as an empath, and can with practice learn to differentiate and become clairsentient or both as the outcome. (In my experience sometimes, it depends on who you are feeling, and what the situation may be.)

Why would this be important? Well getting around with all these foreign thoughts and emotions could cause oneself a few issues, become draining of your own energy, and really dissociation with your own life and truth could be challenging.

So how can we practice and understand what's what and who is who?

  • We can ask often, why am I feeling this way? Are these my feelings?

  • Who have I been with today, are they experiencing high emotions right now?

  • Keep an emotion and thoughts daily diary, checking in with self, how am I feeling today? Is this me or another? This is best done at the end of the day especially if you have been with others.

These are just some ways we can practice awareness of our empathy and differentiate between ourselves and others. We can build a resistance to taking on others emotions and separate what is ours from what is not this way, even though the emotions could still play out.

So now when we delve a little deeper into Clairsentience and begin to understand how this works: well we are all different, but a few ideas on how it works is you could feel others emotions, receive the feeling of words which come with those emotions, feel physical pain where others may feel pain at that time, but the play out of the emotions or believing they are your own is not present.

I choose to use my Clairsentience and Empathy to help others, both with Life Coaching and Healing, as it gives me an understanding of how to help and what to ask for with healing for that person. I can often feel an emotion or words, get a strong sense for both others and myself.

I hope the above information has been helpful, it is just my perception and what I have researched as well as what I have discovered and learned myself over the years. We are all different and have many abilities to unveil in life, keep soaring high

Much Love,

April 💛