February Insights: Awareness

Awareness and our inner growth

April Rays

2/28/20231 min read

When we think about our awareness of a situation, there are so many layers, I mean we have the event for what it is, then there is the involvement by us and others, sometimes we may be merely viewing a situation from a distance, but it is all there for us to learn from regardless.

Awareness, how important is it to have awareness? Awareness of your own actions, how you feel about this or that, as well as maybe how you have and are affected by things outside of you. What are we learning about when we are aware? Our emotions, our reactions, where we think we stand at the time on the subject (where we stand in so many different places depending on our own growth in life). Mind you all this could change in time as we grow and understand a certain inner truth.

Think back to a situation, it was probably pretty big back then, but where were you in life? Were there outside influences which marked your feelings at the time? Have you come a long way and see things differently now as you have grown? Most would say yes to this question, as we cannot sit still in an ever evolving world, we have to grow, it is what we are on this earth to do. Every situation presents an opportunity to use our forgiveness, love and understanding for others as well as ourselves.

Yes I know, our ego likes to play the good old blame game, but really how long can that last before we have to see the truth. I see so many times the universe takes over and we are forced to see anyway, so we may as well go ahead and see clearly from the start, or at least try to see.

Being open to our inner knowledge, open to our guidance and where it might take us, accept that it's ok to be wrong sometimes, and use humility when looking at things which happen, being aware of your own part of the situation is having awareness.

Much Love, April 💛