Embracing change


3/15/20232 min read

So here we are in March, so much change around, ch ch ch ch changes... Some around the world are going from winter to spring, some like myself, are stepping into autumn from summer. It’s all change regardless, out goes the old if we are willing to let it go, and in comes the new if we can embrace the change.

I guess when we think about it, we are not always looking in terms of the layers change may come with, there could be a grieving process, maybe its just too hard to even consider right now, and that is ok, as everything has a time and place. We often put pressure on ourselves to get this change happening yesterday, or maybe we sit still and just find it so hard that we dis-able ourselves.

Any way we feel we can look at it, change is often inevitable if we are to grow. I think back to where I was once upon a time, and I see things which I didn’t even realise have changed dramatically, so this is a natural occurrence sometimes. But then there have been those really challenging times where I have had to work hard to find my way.

The mind is what may allow or not allow change to happen easily, I guess the puzzle pieces we need to put together have to fit so we can feel peace about it. I personally like to embrace change as hard and challenging as it may seem at the time, accepting and knowing that there is something else planned for me, but I also understand its not like this for everyone or every situation.

So how can we help ourselves to embrace change instead of feeling forced into it?

  • Can we pull away from the emotion and fear for long enough to see it all together?

  • Can we help our mind to discover a new way to look at these often scary but eminent changes?

  • Can we seek an understanding of what the change may look like to sooth our minds? See the whole picture.

I have always said if there is a problem, find or look for the solution as soon as you can, then the problem only seems to stay briefly.

Let's stop and think about it for a minute take a few deep breaths, help ourselves to see things differently. Write a pro's and con's list, take out the fear by being prepared in a sense. Try to understand the reasons why the change is necessary, and embrace that this is often how the world works, how we learn, how we grow. Take time to allow it to integrate with you, but mostly remember to give love to yourself through your own process, because after all you are doing the very best you can.

Much love,