August Insights: Alignment Of The Mind


8/12/20232 min read

blue chess piece on black metal fence
blue chess piece on black metal fence

What is coming up for healing in the mind?

In my experience, once things are sorted in our minds the rest can often fall into place. Like a game of chess, when things are aligned we can uncover our own tactics, and pin point things so much easier. Our minds are such a powerful part of how we operate, how we function, and how we view things.

So how can we change how we view things if we need to? (as this is usually and more than often why we feel a trigger or feel annoyed by things especially external to us). Sometimes this comes naturally as we grow, sometimes it may come in the form of an event, learning from past outcomes and it can often come from trauma or tragedy.

The funny thing is I have found that we can work with our mind if we choose, you know those pesky thoughts and triggers which come up could be something from the past, or could just be what’s happening now, but it won't leave you be!

Do you want to push it down so it comes up in a dramatic way later on? Or can you see the signs for yourself and try to reconcile the situation in your mind?

We have so many patterns of behavior and thought processes, some learned as we grow, some we just develop and some could even be forced upon us even though they are very unhealthy, which is a pattern in itself!. There is also the habit of looking to blame another and completely removing all responsibility for how we feel.

So where do we begin to reconcile and align our mind back toward peace and harmony?

  • Recognise a repetitive thought. (I like to write it down to pull apart, see it on paper)

  • Detach from the emotion so you can view it from a neutral standpoint. (put yourself in another’s shoes, think about what advice you would give another)

  • Ask yourself is this situation something I need to re-evaluate in my mind for my learning, is it a past pattern of mine, or a behavior I need to change.

  • Journal the thought process, or talk about it.

  • If you cannot see clearly right now, take a break from thinking, put some music on and reset your mind. (It will be there when you return…)

Let’s face it, we will grow and change regardless, so we may as well be active in our own processes toward peace and harmony within. Although at some point in life we can all be carpet sweepers, walking around ignoring what we see in others as obvious, even though others are our very own reflections.

When you begin your process of change and alignment in the mind, remember to be kind to yourself and others, show compassion and forgiveness to yourself, and remember to do it all with love!

Much love,

April. 💛